Third-party Risk Management

Screen potential third parties as part of your onboarding process and continuously monitor them with our third-party screening and monitoring solution. We currently monitor more than 9 million third parties for our global client base. Whether you want to screen 10,000 third parties per year or monitor 300,000, our fully automated AI-led solution provides hyper-targeted alerts in near real-time for a wide variety of risk domains, including:

  • Anti-bribery and corruption

    From company representatives being arrested for bribing government officials in Gitega, Burundi; to company employees selling client intellectual property in Hainan, China.

  • Health, safety, and environment

    From a worker being killed in a building collapse in Bihar, India; to failing a governmental HSE inspection in Hesse, Germany.

  • Financial insolvency

    From employees being laid off in Murcia, Spain; to reports of a sales decrease in Bahia, Brazil.

  • Information security and data privacy

    From a client data breach impacting a third party in California, USA; to a software vulnerability reported in accountancy software used by your organization.

  • Labour rights and reputation

    From child labor being used in a factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh; to a strike stopping production in Alabama, USA.

  • Environmental, social, and corporate governance

    From a company polluting a river in Limpopo, South Africa; to unsustainable agricultural practices in Louga, Senegal.

  • Locational and geopolitical risk

    From major civil unrest in Daegu, Korea; to a government becoming unstable in Burkina Faso.

  • Quality

    From a product recall impacting a pharmaceutical product in Gujarat, India; to customer complaints complaints against a tire manufacturer in Caserta, Italy.

  • Business continuity

    From a third party experiencing supplier problems in Al Daayen, Qatar; to power cuts impacting factories in Petorca, Chile.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    From a regulator taking action against a third party for anti-competitive behavior in Brittany, France; to a third party being sued for IP infringement in Kowloon, China.

  • Disaster management

    From a typhoon destroying key factories in Aceh, Indonesia; to a landslide in Magdalena, Columbia.

Client deliverables

Our system is fully configurable to meet diverse client requirements, so your team will only be alerted to risks that are relevant to your organization, drastically reducing time wasted, and cutting onboarding costs and timelines.

  • Historical screening data feed

    Incorporated into your TPRM onboarding process, you receive all relevant risk events relating to a third party. This covers a period of up to five years and is completed within 24 hours of your triggering a screening.

  • Continuous monitoring data feed

    Integrated into your TPRM platform. When a risk event relevant to your third party occurs, you receive hyper-targeted alerts generated hourly. Track the event as it evolves and develops, allowing you to take rapid risk mitigation measures.

  • Onboarding consultation

    Every organization has a different risk profile. As part of our onboarding process, SV’s risk management experts will work to understand your objectives and identify and advise you on the best approach.

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