Credit Risk

Perform near real-time and early detection of credit risk relevant events using SV technology. From legal disputes to management changes, our solutions monitor and track online media, helping you keep tabs on events that could impact company performance.

Unlike financial regulatory data, which is typically updated only once a year, SV’s systems track online media sources as they become available.

Client deliverables

Our system is fully configurable to meet diverse client requirements, so your team will only be alerted to risks that are relevant to your organization, drastically reducing time wasted and cutting onboarding costs and timelines. We offer:

  • Adverse Media Score Model feed

    This customized dataset tracks abnormal increases of relevant articles that appear online, monitoring the frequency and intensity of coverage related to the companies that you wish to keep eyes on.

  • Sentiment analysis feed

    Our system tracks changes in general sentiment of articles where a monitored company is mentioned.

  • Timeline feed

    Explore the events on a timeline and analyze their sequence and intensity.

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