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22. 05. 2024

3 min read

Pioneering your ESG strategies with our Unique Perspective


Semantic Visions, Actum Digital

We are proud to announce the launch of our innovative Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Index, a unique tool designed to provide an extensive evaluation of a company’s sustainability efforts through media perception. You can dive deep into our new white paper about the Semantic Visions ESG Index (SV ESG Index), which offers a thorough exploration of its creation, implementation, and potential impacts within the broader landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. Additionally, we invite all companies to experience the power of the SV ESG Index firsthand through our demo, showcasing its capabilities and the valuable insights it can provide.

The Need for Advanced ESG Monitoring

In our new white paper, we trace the origins and development of indexes to highlight their important role. Nowadays, ESG indexes do more than guide investment choices; they affect a wide range of activities essential for promoting sustainable growth and ethical business practices in different sectors. As the importance of these indexes continues to grow, so does the need for new and innovative ways to monitor ESG standards.

Introducing the Semantic Visions ESG Index

Semantic Visions responds to this need by introducing its own ESG Index, which uniquely leverages advanced analytics over vast amounts of data—over 1.1 million news articles daily across 220,000 domains, in 12 languages. This method offers a fresh perspective by providing real-time, media-based insights into companies’ efforts towards sustainability and social responsibility, which traditional ESG indexes may overlook. The white paper details the methodology behind the SV ESG Index, emphasizing its capacity to offer a nuanced understanding of a company’s ESG standing through immediate media perception and long-term trends.

Setting a new standard for ESG transparency, we transform media insights into actionable ESG intelligence, offering unparalleled real-time and historical screening.”
Dr. Lukas Gabor, ESG Subject Matter Expert

The Index is specifically designed for any corporations committed to maintaining and improving their ESG standards. It supports these companies in aligning with ESG regulations, managing their environmental, social, and governance impacts effectively, and demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices to a broad array of stakeholders. In addition, it will enable companies to monitor their supply chain vendors and suppliers from an ESG perspective.

Companies using the Semantic Visions’ ESG Index can benefit from a robust tool that enhances compliance with ESG criteria and showcases their sustainability commitment in a competitive market. The Index facilitates a deeper understanding of global media perceptions, which is crucial for any business aiming to bolster its reputation, monitor suppliers and operational integrity worldwide.

Moreover, Semantic Vision’s ESG data can enhance non-financial reports, such as SEC Climate-Related Disclosures or EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Due Diligence Directives.

Practical Applications and Advantages

Our new white paper discusses the practical applications and advantages of the SV ESG Index, illustrating how it serves as a critical tool for companies to gauge public perception, manage risks, and enhance their sustainability practices effectively. Through detailed examples and empirical data, the potential of the SV ESG Index to transform ESG monitoring and influence corporate strategies is vividly brought to life, making a compelling case for its broader adoption in the marketplace.

In addition, the white paper lays out future directions for the SV ESG Index, including enhancements and expansions aimed at maintaining its relevance and efficacy in a rapidly evolving corporate world. This document is intended for a diverse audience, ranging from data analysts to high-level stakeholders, all of whom play a role in shaping and responding to ESG strategies within their organizations.

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