Compliance Screening and Monitoring

Regulatory Compliance Assurance


A company operates within the European Union and is subject to new sustainability legislation. The company seeks a solution to ensure compliance with these regulations and to monitor their supply chain for any regulatory incidents, third-party issues, and potential breaches to stay ahead of regulatory challenges.


Track specific regulations and compliance requirements across the globe that might be relevant for the company or the parties it engages with.


  • Continuous Monitoring Data Feed: SV’s solution provides continuous monitoring of the supply chain to track compliance with the new EU sustainability legislation. This includes real-time alerts for regulatory incidents or potential breaches, giving the company the ability to respond promptly to emerging compliance issues.
  • Historical Screening Data Feed: The company receives a historical data feed that encompasses compliance-related events and incidents from the past. This historical data assists the company in assessing their compliance with the new legislation, identifying past issues, and taking steps to address them.

Compliance Screening and Monitoring

Client Objectives

  • Ensure Compliance: Achieve and maintain compliance with local/EU/country sustainability legislation.
  • Risk Mitigation: Monitor the supply chain for any regulatory incidents, third-party issues, and potential security breaches.
  • Proactive Management: Stay ahead of regulatory challenges by being able to quickly respond to compliance issues as they arise.


SV’s system collects data from hundreds of thousands global web-based sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage of regulations that could impact the company’s operations. Using multilingual machine learning and AI, we analyze this enriched in near real-time data, focusing on identifying and alerting on incidents that could represent compliance risks. We also provide the analysis of historical data to track past compliance and identify recurring issues or trends that need addressing.


  • Near real-time data access: Real-time alerts on all events that could affect the client’s supply chain operations including regulatory incidents, third party issues or potential security breaches.
  • Enriched screening data feed: Detailed and actionable historical insights with all global compliance-related events related to the entity of interest, with coverage spanning five years and completion within 24 hours of triggering a screening request
  • Client interactive dashboard: Providing AI/LLM analysis and summarization with hourly update.
  • Client unique reporting: Based on client requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Risk of Non-Compliance: Continuous and historical monitoring significantly decreases the risk of penalties or fines by ensuring all regulations are consistently met.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time and historical data feeds provide the basis for informed decision-making, allowing the company to quickly adjust practices or address issues that could lead to non-compliance.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined data monitoring and analysis improve operational efficiency by reducing the time and resources spent on compliance checks and regulatory tracking.

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