Alternative Data

In today’s fast-paced financial world, raw data no longer suffices. Our platform stands out in offering vital insights through extensive monitoring of 9 million companies across 517 diverse real-world event types. We meticulously analyze these events, considering factors such as relevance, intensity, sentiment, and global reach, all within a multilingual context covering 12 different languages.

Our dedication goes beyond the surface, individually monitoring entities to extract macro predictive signals. We delve into industries, countries, commodities, organizations, topics, and locations. Our approach draws from an extensive array of sources, providing a comprehensive view that allows you to make informed decisions.

Powered by cutting-edge AI, our platform delivers near real-time alerts, ensuring you stay ahead in a fast-paced market. Whether it is uncovering emerging market nuances or keeping tabs on established entities, our platform promises precision.

Use Cases

For Quantitative investors

Utilize real-world event signals to enrich the breadth of information accessible for testing and refining investment strategies.

For Fundamental investors

Stay ahead of the curve with daily or weekly insights tailored for risk management and opportunity assessment. Gain early indicators of industry shifts, company M&A activities, technological advancements, market trends, ESG data, enabling well-informed fundamental investment decisions.

Client deliverables

Our comprehensive, flexible, and structured dataset seamlessly integrates into your strategies, empowering you with a competitive advantage.

  • Historical screening data feed for backtesting

Curate data tailored for backtesting from an expansive database of 270,000 web domains across 12 languages. Utilize insights from a comprehensive five-year period to understand global market trends, empowering your informed investment decisions.

  • Near real-time data feed for trading

Integrated seamlessly with our alternative data infrastructure, vigilant monitoring keeps you constantly informed. Receive hyper-targeted alerts generated hourly when risk & opportunity events align with your benchmarks. Track these events in real-time, enabling swift risk mitigation while highlighting potential investment opportunities.

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