Verify business-relationship risks using SV’s Know Your Customer solutions. From poor credit to money laundering activities, our technology helps you verify the identity, suitability, and threats involved with onboarding new clients.

Unlike traditional KYC services and search engine tools, we use proprietary, curated, quality data from global web-based media as our source of information, which presents the fastest way to acquire data about corruption and money laundering allegations.

Client deliverables

Our system is fully configurable to meet diverse client requirements, so your team will only be alerted to risks that are relevant to your organization, drastically reducing time wasted and cutting onboarding costs and timelines. Our services include:

  • Scans of business entities’ history and performance

    using our customized adverse online media scale. This can help determine a potential client or business partner’s reputation.

  • Adverse Media Score Model feed

    This customized dataset tracks abnormal increases of relevant online articles related to target entities, and monitors the frequency and intensity of coverage related to the companies that you wish to keep an eye on.

  • Sentiment analysis feed

    Our system tracks changes in general sentiment of articles where a monitored company is mentioned.

  • Timeline feed

    Explore the events on a timeline and analyze their sequence and intensity.

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