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The Team

Combining technology experts from machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and linguistics with expertise from the Big Four, banking, military intelligence, and academia, Semantic Visions’ team of global experts is constantly striving to build world class risk detection products and services for our customers around the world.

The Company

Semantic Visions is an actionable analytics company based in Prague that specializes in using AI and machine learning technology to analyze a huge portion of global news in 12 languages. Our solution includes source collection, source analysis, natural language processing, and proprietary artificial intelligence.

We analyze over 270,000 unique domains approximating 900,000 sources in near real-time analyzing over 1.1 million news articles a day from online global media in 12 languages. Our source analysis performs automated source discovery, classification, ranking, and evaluation. Through natural language processing, we extract events, entities, topics, sentiment, and themes; effectively mimicking how the human brain reads text. Our proprietary artificial intelligence connects companies or entities to risk events and analyzes hundreds of signals to calculate relevance for the client.

Our capture rate of 95%* ensures a minimum number of false positives and false negatives. This allows our customers to optimize and scale their efforts efficiently.

At Semantic Visions, we’re dedicated to providing actionable analytics that helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. Our AI-led approach helps companies take proactive measures before threats materialize and identify opportunities long before they become obvious. With over a decade of experience serving industry leaders like SAP and Deloitte, we offer a cross-language early warning system that helps our customers succeed in today’s world of information overload.


* Capture rate is confirmed by ongoing monitoring of 6k companies for 2 months.

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