Elevating ESG Monitoring with Global Insights and Comprehensive Monitoring

ESG has become increasingly significant. With Semantic Visions’s enriched data, you can gain in-depth insights into these trends. Our data provides detailed coverage of overall ESG movements as well as specific aspects of environmental, social, and governance categories, highlighting significant events.

Client Objectives

  • Assess Client Sustainability: Evaluate clients’ adherence to sustainability and ESG standards. 
  • Understand Public Impact: Determine public perceptions of clients’ environmental, risk, and governance practices. 
  • Evaluate ESG Commitment: Check companies’ performance against their ESG commitments. 
  • Stay Informed on Regulations: Keep updated on ESG regulatory changes and compliance. 
  • Identify Improvement Areas: Find areas for ESG enhancement and potential value creation.


SV collects data from global web-based media to create proprietary, curated, quality data and applies AI capabilities to filter and refine this data based on ESG-defined event types. This enriched data is correlated using advanced language models to deliver insights. Semantic Visions offers a screened dataset with over 5 years of historical data on relevant ESG topics, sourced from global web-based media insights. Our dataset also includes near real-time enriched data to help clients manage their ESG risks and to ensure adherence to ESG standards.


  • Enriched Screening Dataset – 124 ESG risk event types related to over 6,000 tickerized companies with five years coverage.
  • Near Real-Time Data Access – enriched data updates are provided hourly and are accessible through advanced data storage solutions. 
  • ESG Score Dashboards – insights on key movers, ESG trend analysis, company/industry/country ESG benchmarking 
  • Client Unique Reporting – based on client requirements.

Key Benefits

Enhanced due diligence

Incorporating SV’s ESG data helps investors and acquirers assess a company’s sustainability and value, aiding informed decisions and risk reduction.

Benchmarking insight

SV’s enriched ESG data aids clients in benchmarking, helping stakeholders evaluate their ESG strategies, assess risks, and maintain transparency in line with evolving sustainability standards. Integrating ESG is vital in investment decisions and supply chain management.

Enhanced investment decisions

SV provides enriched ESG data to help investors align their strategies with sustainability, ensuring financial success without compromising on environmental, social, or governance standards. This approach allows investors to support a sustainable future while seeking competitive returns.

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