National security

Government agencies monitoring web-based media insights for potential threats and security risks can benefit from SV’s automated risk-detection services. For more than a decade, SV has helped NATO and NATO-member countries enhance their situational awareness on a range of topics, including cybersecurity, terrorism and political violence, extremist groups, foreign interference, economic espionage, and disinformation.

By delivering detailed monitoring reports on vast amounts of publicly available news content, our public sector clients gain real-time insights into threats that can directly impact national security. With former military intelligence professionals on staff and a range of hosting and development capabilities, SV is the perfect partner for public sector clients that need to analyze trends and anticipate future threats.

Client deliverables

Our national security products include:

  • Detection, monitoring, and reporting on hostile disinformation operations campaigns.
  • Real-time alerting on physical security threats to infrastructure and assets.
  • Open-source intelligence platform for global investigations and open-source intelligence training.
  • Bespoke solutions to meet client specific intelligence requirements.

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