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02. 01. 2024

6 min read

S&P 500 ESG Violations Spotlight on Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta in 2023

In the current dynamic business world embedding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into company policies is increasingly critical. This shift reflects a growing awareness among investors, consumers, and regulatory bodies about the impact of corporate activities on the environment, society, and the integrity of governance practices. The S&P 500, a leading index of large-cap US equities, is often at the forefront of scrutiny when assessing how well companies adhere to ESG standards.  

In this article, we will explore the ESG terrain of the S&P 500, concentrating specifically on Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta. These three companies have encountered notable ESG challenges from January 1st to December 24th, 2023. Our analysis is grounded in a thorough analysis of global news sources, underscoring the critical need for proactive risk management and strict compliance with ESG standards in our current, highly interconnected and closely observed corporate world.

Significant ESG Violation Events in 2023 for Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta in the S&P 500

Leveraging advanced data analytics, we have meticulously combed through extensive datasets to unearth crucial insights into the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) violations encountered by companies in the S&P 500. Our focus is on the three companies with the most significant ESG violation events in 2023: Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta. Semantic Visions’ system effectively aggregates and analyzes critical information from 220,000 sources, providing a detailed view of the ESG challenges and their impact on these corporations.

Alphabet (Google)

Anticompetitive Practices – Alphabet (Google) faced 2,604 events in 2023, with a key incident occurring on December 13th. On this date, Google experienced a significant legal setback when it lost an antitrust lawsuit to Epic Games over its Play Store practices. A jury ruled that Google’s payment system and app distribution policies were anticompetitive, a decision that could have far-reaching implications for the tech giant’s app store operations. This verdict represents a win for Epic Games and potentially the broader game developer community, challenging a major pillar of Google’s technology empire.

Unethical Practices & Non-Compliance – In 2023, Alphabet (Google) encountered 1,214 events, with a significant incident unfolding on November 11th when the company filed a lawsuit against five anonymous individuals. These individuals deceived users into downloading malware, masquerading as Google’s AI chatbot Bard, highlighting the emerging challenges in the AI industry.

Poor Business Practices– Over the course of the year, Google contended with 845 events, with a particularly significant one on November 11th, 2023 being the investigation into menopause supplements sold on its platform. A probe revealed that many, prominently featured in search results and marked as ‘sponsored’, products do not contain what they claim, posing potential health risks. This event underscores the challenges tech companies face in regulating and ensuring the safety of products sold through their online marketplaces.


Unethical Workplace Practices– Amazon faced 1,086 notable events, with a pivotal incident on November 24th, 2023, occurring on Black Friday as workers from the GMB union at the Coventry site staged a walkout. This action, amid a longstanding pay dispute, was part of a larger global movement with protests in Europe and the U.S., marking a significant challenge to Amazon’s pay practices.

Anticompetitive Practices – Amazon, encountering 698 significant events in 2023, faced a notable development on November 3rd when, along with Meta, resolved separate UK antitrust investigations. The Competition and Markets Authority accepted their commitments to cease practices, giving them unfair advantages over merchants and customers, marking a significant compliance milestone in the tech industry’s regulatory landscape.

Unethical Practices & Non-Compliance – Amazon experienced 621 significant events, with a notable legal confrontation on November 15th when new details emerged about an antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Federal Trade Commission and 17 states in September. These details, revealing alleged illegal tactics to suppress competition and reinforce Amazon’s market dominance, mark a pivotal juncture in regulatory scrutiny within the tech sector.


Data Privacy Concerns: Meta experienced 1044 events; a significant event was a prominent legal challenge on December 5th as Spanish media outlets launched a $600 million lawsuit. Led by the AEEPP and FAPE, the lawsuit accuses Meta of digital privacy rights violations, representing a critical point in examining of the company’s approach to user data security and privacy.

Poor Business Practices: 490 Meta contended with 490 events throughout the year, and a significant event on November 29th, 2023, was a lawsuit filed by 33 US states. This legal challenge, revealed through a less-redacted court document from California, accused Meta of designing social media features to addict children and teens, thus profiting from their distress and exacerbating a youth mental health crisis. This lawsuit represents a significant moment of reckoning in the tech industry’s responsibility towards young users.

Human Rights Concerns: Meta faced 465 events over the year, with a major event on December 7th, 2023, unfolding when the New Mexico Attorney General filed a lawsuit alleging that Facebook and Instagram have become hubs for child predators. The lawsuit, which includes stark accusations of the platforms being used for sharing exploitative material and soliciting minors, claims that Meta has failed to make voluntary changes to protect young users. This significant legal action challenges Meta’s safety protocols, accusing it of deceptive practices and creating a public health hazard, marking a crucial point of contention in the company’s management of its platforms.


Our extensive analysis of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) violations within Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta throughout 2023 has shed light on the complex and challenging nature of ESG compliance within the S&P 500 index. These findings, derived from a comprehensive review of global news sources and advanced AI technology, reveal the significant hurdles these tech giants face in integrating ESG principles into their business models. The variety of events these companies encountered, including anticompetitive practices, unethical workplace practices, and data privacy concerns, demonstrate the multifaceted nature of the ESG landscape. 

For Alphabet, issues related to fair competition and AI ethics, as well as product safety concerns, indicated a need for enhanced ethical oversight and governance. Amazon’s challenges, marked by worker treatment and fair business practices, highlighted the necessity for improved labour policies and equitable market conduct. Meta’s struggles with data privacy and platform safety emphasized the urgency of protecting user data and ensuring the well-being of platform users, particularly young people. These occurrences are not isolated but are part of a larger trend that underscores the importance of proactive risk management. 

For stakeholders, understanding these events is crucial, offering deep insights into the potential risks and implications of failing to comply with ESG standards. The events of 2023, encompassing a wide range of ESG issues, highlight the critical need for these corporations to adapt their strategies and operations continually.

In summary, the events faced by Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta in 2023 serve as a compelling illustration of the ongoing challenge of aligning large tech companies’ operations with robust ESG standards. As these companies illustrate, integrating ESG principles into business practices is not only crucial for maintaining regulatory standards but also for ensuring sustainable and responsible business operations. Explore Semantic Visions’ services to see how you can benefit from our expertise in comprehensive data analysis and equip your business to navigate these challenging and ever-changing ESG landscapes.

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