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02. 02. 2021

2 min read

Defending the Covid-19 vaccination pipeline

The Challenge 

The Covid-19 pandemic represents one of the biggest health challenges the modern world has ever faced. With cases continuing to surge despite economic and social lockdowns, vaccination remains mankind’s best hope at returning to a “new” normal. 

But vaccination itself poses many obstacles, such as limited production capacity, supply chain disruptions, Covid-19 mutations, conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns, and the emergence of criminal profiteers engaging in the promotion of fake vaccines and therapies

The Solution

To identify these threats as they develop, and to overcome the significant technical challenge of distinguishing signal from noise online, we trained our proprietary AI solution based on advanced semantic analysis (ASA) and big data semantics (BDS) to analyze billions of online news sources. ASA generates granular and precise metadata based on a cross-language principle, while BDS synthesizes scenarios into events, sentiment, context, and entities (such as location, organization, company, and people). The resulting platform helps clients monitor vaccine-related risks across a dozen major world languages on topics including vaccine research and production, distribution and delivery, and security and crime (including disinformation).

The Result

We produced a military-grade open-source intelligence solution that pulls back the curtain on the darkest corners of the Covid-19 vaccine challenge. Our Covid-19 Vaccine Risk Early Warning System stands ready to help producers, distributors, and governmental organizations mitigate perils related to vaccination efforts. By powering unparalleled real-time insights, our data can help clients disrupt the disruptors, and save countless lives in the process.

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