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28. 06. 2024

7 min read

Countdown to Decision: Dukovany NPP Expansion


Marek Columby

Update on the Czech nuclear expansion, FEB 8- JUN 14, 2024

Many European countries have been reevaluating their energy policies, taking into consideration geopolitical issues, in the wake of the major disruption to energy supplies. As one way to ensure steady power supplies, 11 European governments established a “Nuclear alliance” in Feb 2023 to promote nuclear energy as a green option. On the other hand, opposition to atomic energy perseveres and some EU countries view nuclear power disapprovingly (and are in the process of decommissioning their nuclear power capacity).

APR 2023Over and out: Germany switches off its last nuclear plants
APR 2023Europe’s Most Powerful Nuclear Reactor Launches in Finland
MAR 2023Nuclear-made hydrogen sets the stage for the next EU fight
FEB 2022France plans new nuclear reactors as part of climate goals
JAN 2022Europe Spars Over Green Label for Gas and Nuclear Plants
DEC 2021Germany to pull the plug on three of its last six nuclear plants
SEP 2022Germany sticks to nuclear power deadline but leaves loophole
FEB 2023Eleven EU states unite to strengthen nuclear power
MAR 2024PM declares ‘critical national endeavour’ to secure UK nuclear industry’s future/ World leaders gather in Belgium for first ever nuclear energy summit hosted by the IAEA
NOV 2023Sizewell C campaigners wait for ruling on latest court fight over nuclear plant
The TOP 10 main events in European Nuclear energy production, 2022-2024
(by volume of reporting)

The EU’s commitment to climate neutrality includes nuclear power as one of the recognized low-carbon energy sources. As one of the 11 countries supporting it, the Czech Republic plans to add up to four new reactors to the six existing ones operated by the majority-state-owned CEZ company. Czechia has pursued its plan to expand its nuclear capacity and the bid for the expansion of the Dukovany NPP, announced in March 2022, is moving towards its final phase, with the winner to be announced in July this year. The ongoing tender has two bidders, the French EDF and the Korean KHNP, after Westinghouse was dropped from the bid.

Let’s have a look at the media coverage of the latest development since February 8, 2024. 

Number no.CountDateTitleLanguageContent
1146FEB 13Czech Republic accelerates expansion of nuclear power🇩🇪 / 🇦🇹German and Austrian press commented on Fiala’s government support for nuclear power, stating the public’s support. They pointed out the vicinity of the NPPs to their borders and the insecure financing and profitability of the project.
MAR 6Nuclear: In Prague, Macron defends EDF against non-European competition🇬🇧
The French PM lobbied at a Franco-Czech Energy Forum in Prague on Tuesday (MAR 5) for the EDF bid, stressing the nuclear alliance within the EU. 
368MAY 3The biggest contract in the Czech Republic can also be the biggest problem🇨🇿A critical piece pointing to three critical issues of the project: a failure to deliver on the side of the govt/ investor, the same happening to the contractor and a future shift in the energy production mix. And the lack of an updated State Energy Strategy. The author calls for the most economic offer, putting aside geopolitical aspects.
464MAR 5Ukraine: Macron “takes responsibility” for shaking up Westerners and warns against “the spirit of defeat”🇫🇷On his visit to Prague, Macron urged Ukraine’s allies “not be cowardly” in the face of an “unstoppable” Russia. On the economic level, he pushed for the candidacy of EDF for the future Czech nuclear program, praising a “100% European offer” which could create the basis for “a nuclear Airbus”.
560MAR 30Both EDF and KHNP submitted bids for the construction of up to four nuclear units🇨🇿The two bidders, EDF and KHNP, submitted bids for the construction of up to four nuclear units.
648MAR 5Macron discusses new ways to help Ukraine on Prague visit🇬🇧The Czech nuclear project received most global coverage on the occasion of the French president’s visit to Prague. The CEZ group signed a contract with Orano for the nuclear fuel supplies to Dukovany, replacing Russia’s TVEL.
740JUN 16Doosan Chairman Park Jeong-won hosted Partnership Day🇰🇷Doosan Group Chairman hosted a ‘Doosan Partnership Day’, a Prague event to support the nuclear bid. Korean and Czech government and corporate officials attended.
832FEB 16Czech President signs nuclear waste disposal law🇩🇪 / 🇦🇹The law stipulates that the government alone can decide on the final location for the repository – without having to obtain the approval of parliament again. Four locations are currently on the shortlist, all of which are no more than 200 kilometers from the borders with Bavaria and Austria.
928FEB 14The Dukovany nuclear power plant will switch to Westinghouse fuel from this fall🇨🇿The Dukovany NPP will start using the fuel starting this fall. A few months later, Westinghouse will also start supplying fuel to the Temelín NPP. According to ČEZ representatives, the diversification of fuel supplies is one of the important steps for further strengthening the energy security of the Czech Republic.
1028JUN 24The government has evaluated the offers for Dukovany. Winners will be announced in July🇨🇿Elektrárna Dukovany II (EDU II), a ČEZ subsidiary,
submitted an evaluation report to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, evaluating the two bids. The experts focused on both the commercial and technical aspects of the submitted bids.
1127APR 30Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power submits final bid for new nuclear power plant project in Czech Republic🇰🇷KHNP President Hwang Joo-ho visited the ordering company on APR29 and stressed the highest level capabilities, proven through the new nuclear power plant projects in Korea and the UAE.
1221MAR 25The Brno thermal power plant and the Dukovany power plant are to be connected by a forty-kilometer hot pipe🇨🇿ČEZ and Teplárny Brno signed an implementation contract for the heat pipe from the power plant. The operation is scheduled to start in the 2030/2031 heating season.
1317APR 4Minister Síkela: The deadline for submitting a binding offer for up to four nuclear blocks will be extended by two weeks🇨🇿The extension was requested by EDF, and the deadline is APR 30, 2024. The overall project schedule remains unchanged.
1416APR 30New Nuclear Construction in Czech Republic: Approval for Fifth Block at Dukovany NPP🇨🇿Approved by the European Commission, it only applies to the construction of the fifth block in Dukovany NPP.
1515MAR 15Orano Signs Dukovany Contract With Czech Republic’s ČEZ 🇨🇿French nuclear fuel cycle company Orano signed a contract with ČEZ for the supply of uranium enrichment services for Dukovany NPP.
TOP 15 TOPICS ACROSS MEDIA, Feb 8, 2024 – Jun 14, 2024

The long-awaited decision on the winning bidder for the Dukovany NPP expansion, the largest investment in the modern Czech Republic’s history, has been made by a team of 180 experts. The bid evaluation model was based on recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
The evaluation report was submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Czech Government will now issue its statement as to with whom ČEZ will negotiate the final form of the contracts. The official announcement of the bid winner should be made in July this year.

MAR 17, 2022ČEZ announced a tender for the completion of one unit in Dukovany with a non-binding option for up to three additional units.

NOV 30, 2022
ČEZ received the first offers from KHNP, EDF and Westinghouse.
OCT 31, 2023Tender participants submitted final offers.
JAN 31, 2024ČEZ CEO informed the government of the evaluation of the tender, the decision on the binding offer for up to four nuclear units from EDF and KHNP.
JUN 14, 2024CEZ notified the Ministry of Industry and Trade of its preferred supplier.
JUL, 2024The government will consider the evaluation and proposal of the preferred supplier.
MAR, 2025Signing of the contract with the tender winner.
2029Construction starts.
2036Putting the unit in trial operation.
The timeline of Dukovany NPP Expansion Tender

Our latest analysis on the Dukovany NPP expansion highlights the critical media coverage and geopolitical implications, ensuring our clients stay informed on the forefront of nuclear power developments. Stay tuned with Semantic Visions for expert analysis on pivotal energy sector shifts.

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