Advanced Data Analytics for Strategic Market Decisions

Semantic Visions harnesses the power of advanced analytics to provide high-quality, actionable data for better decision-making. We analyze over 1.1 million news articles in 12 languages to deliver key insights into companies, sectors, industries, commodities, and markets.

Semantic Visions dataset

Our dataset provides detailed insights into key worldwide indices such as China Hang Seng, Dow Jones, Japan Nikkei 225, Nasdaq 100, Russel 3000, and S&P 500. It includes a rich database of 440 event types and more than 10,000 topics from 220,000 web domains. Utilizing AI, we track, assess, and link real-time events to companies, helping our clients capitalize on market opportunities.

Leading cloud services

We distribute our data through leading cloud services like Amazon S3 and Azure, ensuring fast and reliable access to important market insights. Additionally, we provide a vast archive of historical data from 2018 to 2023, covering 17 global indices and 7,726 companies, free of charge. This resource is crucial for analysts and investors looking to test their strategies against historical market trends.