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01. 07. 2024

4 min read

The Power of Precision: How High-Quality Curated Data Drives Successful M&A Decisions


Sari Serhan, Vy Tuong Ly, Marek Columby

Partnership for delivery

Semantic Visions’ ongoing collaboration with Deloitte aims at providing structured curated data to assist clients in defining their operational strategies and realizing their strategic growth objectives. Our teams deliver actionable insights that place our clients in the best position to make informed business and investment decisions.

Through this partnership Semantic Visions offers solutions that allow clients to navigate the expansive M&A market and stay informed about critical and relevant developments.

This article will demonstrate how Semantic Visions acquires and structures a vast amount of global open-source data, synthesizing it into high-quality, curated and enriched information. This enables clients to gain comprehensive visibility into industry and entity-level details. It also highlights the business benefits of using quality and timely data, which are fundamental for making informed decisions.

Data analysis fundamental for M&A processes

As the M&A market gains momentum in 2024, driving economic development, growth, market efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation, the importance of quality enriched data becomes a fundamental requirement. High-quality data plays a crucial role in supporting M&A processes, with near real-time data analysis being essential at various stages of the process, including:

  • M&A Strategy Development;
  • Target / Opportunity Identification;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Negotiation; and
  • Financing.

Unlocking Stakeholder Value: Key Focus Areas in M&A for Strategic Growth and Competitiveness

Semantic Visions’ partnership with Deloitte provides clients embarking on the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) journey with strategic advice supported by high quality, tailored and enriched data, bespoke dashboards, and other tools to achieve relevant strategic objectives that can drive growth, enhance competitiveness, and create value for stakeholders.  

The power of SV and Deloitte’s combined service offering allows clients to gain insight into the global business landscape in order to map the market, materially assess, research and engage potential targets. Clients utilize our offerings to address key focus areas that are of critical significance to a successful M&A journey and a sustainable business integration, including:

  • Expanding market reach and revenue streams
  • Diversifying and enhancing product and service offerings
  • Streamlining and improving operational efficiency
  • Leveraging scale and enhancing profitability
  • Ensuring effective integration and collaboration
  • Bolstering human capital and leadership
  • Navigating regulatory and legal landscapes
  • Reducing business risk and enhancing competitiveness

Sample M&A Use Case

Semantic Visions was approached by a global manufacturing group looking to monitor their global industry landscape for potential acquisition targets. Their aim was to identify,  materially assess the strategic, operational and cultural fit of these companies and engage in transactions that would expand the current group’s portfolio.

Semantic Visions’ delivery team processed, enriched and delivered one year-worth of a high quality data covering over 10.5m entities. This data was processed by applying Named Entity Recognition technology to extract potential companies of interest, Natural Language Processing technology to extract meaningful events of interest and Large Language Modeling driven by AI/ML algorithms to further refine the results.

As a realized outcome, the client was able to gather valuable insights into the companies that were delivering valuable and innovative products to the market thus enabling the client to diversify and enhance product and service offerings.

Successful M&A clients stay ahead of the curve by mapping and monitoring the business landscape and understanding the trends and patterns that dictate market movement. 

Clients can significantly enhance their strategic decision-making and execution by leveraging Semantic Visions enriched data across areas of focus to analyze market and consumer behavior data and identify lucrative new regions and tailor entry strategies. Moreover, data-driven predictive analytics can forecast potential customer demand and revenue opportunities in these regions

By integrating data-driven insights into their strategic planning and execution, clients can more effectively deliver stakeholder value. Data provides a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, operational efficiencies, customer needs, and competitive landscapes, enabling informed decision-making and fostering sustainable business growth.

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